Our Mission

Baby Blue Hippo is owned and operated by a Muskego, Wisconsin, family – Mike, Steph, and Olivia. We’ve always been committed to purchasing Made in USA products as much as possible, but the fashion industry has moved away from this as lower-cost companies undercut many US manufacturers and retailers. We also find that too much of children’s apparel has become a merchandising gimmick.

So… we looked to bring together the best of all worlds: made in the USA garments with the top manufacturers committed to keeping manufacturing here and simple designs that are based on animals, science, and nature. After all, there’s nothing better than your child pointing at her shirt and screaming, “Hippo!”

We launched in 2017 on a small scale as we build up our designs and vetted out manufacturers that we feel are sustainable for the actual garments – both the fabric and the actual manufacturing.

If you have ideas for designs, let us know!